Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday, Zinesters!

Happy Friday, folks! The end of the working week is here, and we're off to Captain America's Garage & Wax Night, to hand out zines, and hang out. We can't help it. We're excited about ABQ Zine Fest coming up in a few short weeks at the Kosmos, on October 6th!

Maybe we're a little less than three weeks away from zine fest, but we've already started celebrating with a series of hang outs we're calling, "Pre Zine Events." In case you missed it, on Monday evening at the Tan Gallery in Barelas, we had a Dirty Zine Reading. (And if you missed the interview about the reading by local wonder, Things in Light, here it is!  Let's just say, it was SUPER FUN. And pretty darned hot in there. Not just from the readings themselves-- but we had to keep the door closed to keep the Po-po from taking out of context our context. Look-- people have BIG HANG UPS about sex and sex-positive situations and events-- we get that. But what better place than a zine reading to find awkward, nerdy support for experiencing a little kink? Readers included Billy the Bunny, Major Rainy Sneer, Anita Margarita, Alex Ross-Raymond, and Sirena Reyes. DJ Mello spun records, and the slap fest between Marya and Andy as they tried to read from the 50 Shades Generator  was genius, and ridiculous. Again, we had FUN in a secure environment. No one was harmed in the making of Dirty Zine Reading night.

We're so afraid of talking about sex-- afraid of other people find out about our preferences, are interests, or kink. However, we live in a culture that says violence is okay. We live in a culture that says illicit, silent and on the DL is better than the expression of ideas, emotional needs, and perspectives. We live in a society that struggles with whether or not women should control how they experience their bodies in the public AND in private. We live amongst sustained ignorance that suggests RAPE has degrees of heinousness. 

It takes courage to disclose. 

Don't fear dirty talk in at an art gallery. Fear the possibility of living in a country that doesn't allow such freedoms. There. Leaping off the soap box now!


On Tuesday, after hanging out at Winning for Game Night, Marya raced over to KUNM to play her set of music on Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, with DJ Tahnee. If you've never DJ'ed on the air before, know that's nerve wracking. Totally. But, it was a good show, and the playlist will be available on the KUNM website, pretty soon. And, on October 2nd, Marya will be back on the air with Tahnee, spinning more zine-inspired tunes. Please listen in!

Well, we'll see you tonight at Garage & Wax II! More events coming soon:

See ya soon!
ABQ Zine Fest

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