Saturday, October 10, 2015


Liza Bley (Pronounced BLY, for goddess's sake!) is a force of nature. ABQZFV was an all-night operation to launch, but it was so much better with her, and near impossible without her. Her's what she said...

Please tell us about the zines you’ll be tabling at ABQZF.
I’ll have my book, Not Your Mother’s Mealtoaf: A sex education comic book, which is a compilation of 6 past zines that include comics on sex and sexual health by over 50 authors. I’m also working on a second edition of my zine “Can you have sex with objects, like couches? and other questions for the sex ed field.”

When did you make your first zine, and what was it about?
I'm not sure what my first zine was. My most successful was Not Your Mother's Meatloaf that I co-edited with Saiya Miller. One of my favorite things to do is make friends little mini zines with fun things to do or instructions on how to take care of my dog, Pegasus, while I'm out of town.

Name three influences in your life that have affected your work, or even how you work.
My mother (so sappy), but she's a fucking power house and raised me to get shit done. The DIY health zine, Hot Pants, which focuses around issues those of us with uteri  and vaginas might face, made a lasting impression of how important zines can be for the health of our communities. The patriarchy, so I remember there is still something worth fighting against.

What do you say when someone asks you,  "What are zines?"
Like independent magaZINES. Typically folded 8 1/2" x 11" paper. They can be about ANYTHING.

Do you have a zine crush? If so, are you willing to reveal the object of your zine affection?
"Love is another word for impunity" - a button

What's the most challenging thing about zine making? What do you enjoy most about the process?
Oh, starting, is probably the biggest hurtle, but I spend the most time on trouble shooting the layout as I contemplate pouring nacho cheese all over the copy machine.

Why are zines important?
Because books are too heavy.

Ridiculous. But, true.

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