Saturday, October 10, 2015


It's ABQ Zine Fest DAY! We made it! We still have several interviews for you to peruse over coffee, before you head to to Barelas! Here's one! 

Please tell us about the zines you’ll be tabling at ABQZF.

I write a lot of different zines, and am always coming up with new ones.  Here are a few of the ones I will have at ABQ ZineFest.

Proof I Exist - This is a personal, prose-heavy zine all about me and my life, so that might mean anything.  Stories about places I've been, people I love, bands I'm in, etc.  Some photos and drawings, but mostly writing.

Last Night at the Casino - A work-zine all about my job as a casino dealer.  All the strange people, crazy nights, and random oddities of casino culture, from an inside perspective.

The Difference Between - An educational zine explaining the difference between various similar topics.  For example, the difference between baking soda and baking powder, or the difference between Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill.

When did you make your first zine, and what was it about?

The first time I made a zine was around 1997, when I was a kid in high school.  It was a mix of stories, poetry, photos, and everything else, with contributions from my friends.
Name three influences in your life that have affected your work, or even how you work.
Everything I read influences me one way or another.  All of Al Burian's work (Burn Collector, Natural Disasters) has influenced my writing.  Idy (Something for Nothing) and Alex (Brainscan) have the best layouts of any zines, so that's a big influence.  And then Lisa Barrow (Oh Dear No) has really influenced my editing, not so much for her zine work, but just because she's helped me edit novels and stories and newspaper articles, and I've learned that editing is just as important for zines.

What do you say when someone asks you,  "What are zines?"
Zines are self-published magazines, usually photo-copied and hand-made.

Do you have a zine crush? If so, are you willing to reveal the object of your zine affection?
I have a few zine crushes.  Some of them are because the zinester is so awesome, and some are just because their zine is so great.  For example, I've never met Nichole, from Pieces zine, but her zine totally gets me crushed on her.

What's the most challenging thing about zine making? What do you enjoy most about the process?
The most challenging thing part of zine-making for me is finding the time to put out as many zines as I want to.  There are always more ideas to work on, and I've always got new issues in the works.  I've put out 4 issues of PIE this year, and have the writing done for 2 other issues just sitting on my computer.  As for what I enjoy the most...  I love the writing the most, but also enjoy doing the layouts, and even the copying.  I could make copies for 3 hours straight and still be ready for more.

Why are zines important?
Zines are a way to be educate and communicate in a creative way.  Zines give people the chance to say anything they want, but they also give people the chance to learn about someone else's life.  Zines are a way for weird, unique humans to learn about each other.

Thanks, Billy!

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