Friday, October 9, 2015

ZINESTER Interview with the makers of TRINITY

Hello again! And again! Here's another zinester interview! This is pretty exciting. Meet the makers of the visal art and aesthetics zine, Trinity.

Please tell us about the zines you’ll be tabling at ABQZF.

Our zine titled "Trinity" is focused on visual art and aesthetics. Our theme is based off of three main concepts: spirituality, nature, and the human body.

When did you make your first zine, and what was it about?

About three years ago we participated in a zine titled "porqueria" with a group of people from both Las Cruces and El Paso. It was about POC feminist and queer issues/ being the thing ur grandma shakes her head at.

Name three influences in your life that have affected your work, or even how you work.

1. We kind of influence each other. We had some art classes together in college and wanted to continue working together.

2. Generally our group is interested in exploring spirituality outside of organized religion, so it makes sense that it became part of our theme.

3. Love and Rockets

What do you say when someone asks you,  "What are zines?"

A self published, DIY book about anything and everything!

What's the most challenging thing about zine making? What do you enjoy most about the process?

One of the most challenging things about making a zine is being brave enough to put your work out there. Also putting it together can be a hassle. From gathering everyone's work to actually printing- it can be a bit stressful. We really enjoy getting to collaborate and seeing the finished product tho. It's also really rewarding when people are interested and able to relate to content in the zine.

Why are zines important?

Zines are important because they give people the chance to see things that normally wouldn't be published.


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